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Schedule of Services and Worship

The truth of Orthodox Worship
“We could take a cue from Orthodoxy, whose priests stand with their backs to
their congregation, leading a liturgy that is neither clever nor impassioned,
but simply beautiful, like stone smoothed by centuries of rhythmic tides. It’s
an austere ritual, in the sense of – there’s nothing new here; it’s sublime, in
the sense of – creating a clearer view into Heaven. The priest can be any
priest. Who he is, what he looks like, how he speaks, and what he thinks matter
little. He hasn’t written the service that he officiates. It isn’t about him or
his prowess. He’s an interchangeable functionary draped in brocaded robes,
obscured by incense, and, as such, never points to himself, a flawed human,
pointing ever and only to the Perfection of the Mysterious Divine. That is the
role of every priest or preacher – invisibility, while making God seen.”

(from the “Daily Devotion” of the Portland, Maine, TV chanel 6)